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The Flutist

The Flutist is a painting of a musician by African artist Angu Walters, of Bamenda, Cameroon, Central Africa. read more

Mvet Player II

Painting of an African musician playing the mvet, a stringed musical instrument of the Fang people of Central Africa. read more

Kora Player

The kora is a traditional musical instument used in Central and West Africa. This original acrylc painting depicts a kora player in Cameroon. read more

Happy Family

Painted in wildly vivid acrylic colors, this original painting from Central Africa is titled Happy Family. read more

Mother and Child

Mother and Child is an oil painting. Angu Walters often paints mothers and children, or entire families. read more

Born-House Twin

Born House Twin is an oil painting of a proud mother of twins at a traditional new-birth celebration. read more

The Kora Player

Acrylic painting of a Kora player. The kora is a stringed instrument common throughout Western Africa. read more


Bravo is an original oil painting from Africa, in vivid orange colors. read more


An oil painting on canvas of Africans greeting visitors, welcoming them to the village. read more

Water is Life

Oils on canvas abstract painting of African villagers with water containers on their heads. read more


Welcome is an original oil painting from Bamenda, Cameroon in Central Africa. read more

The Xylophone Player II

The Xylophone Player II is an original acrylic painting on canvas. Musicians are, perhaps, the favorite theme of this artist. One could collect an entire Cameroon orchestra! read more