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Measurements: 70 cm width x 75 cm height (28 inches x 30 inches)

The Bush Doctor is an original oil painting. The village doctor healing the sick with traditional Central African medicine. For a detailed explanation of this painting by the artist himself, please scroll further down this page.

Price in U.S. Dollars = $600

African Bush Doctor Cameroon painting

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Angu Walters Explains this Painting

The village doctor is healing the sick with traditional Central African medicine. This painting is talking about the traditional healer for who his place is just like the only hospital in the village where people go for treatment, he can treat from nothing to anything, then from anything to nothing… the villagers go there treat and to know more about their future, etc.. even the king goes there to know the future of the village.

Here a mother’s daughter was sick she brought her for treatment. It’s a really long long story!

OK let me make it short..

When someone goes to the Bush Doctor he or she will consult with you. It’s just like the hospital. When he’s finish consulting if it happens that your case is like witchcraft or a really serious case that he need to connect with the Gods to treat you, he will then ask you to bring so many stuff to pleased the Gods ranging from one big white cock a cow or black/white goat, 20 litres of Palm oil, a huge bunch of plantains the tooth of a lion, etc… He will ask you to bring stuff that you can’t imagine or attempt to find. If you can’t, he will ask you bring money to travel far to buy them.. He will then give you a date to came for the treatment….

The Bush Doctor home is distance away from the village. They don’t leave with the community on the hillside so they will have private time to always be with their Gods……

The small hut is his shrine, a few meters from his own home… The Bush Doctor are always married to so many wives even more than the king in the Palace. Like when u look at this painting you will see at the corner his home full with women and children, the women are preparing food from the list of things he always ask people to bring for treatment.